Monday, July 12, 2010


This is week 33! Feeling ready to be at week 39! We have some fun events planned in the next few weeks. We are trying to make lots of special Lillyan time and memories!

Side note: I've decided I want to run a half marathon. Will be training for a 5k as soon as the Doctor will let me! Thought I would post that here for a little accountability!

Friday, July 02, 2010

31 weeks and counting!

Baby boy Deal is growing, growing, growing! He is SO stinkn' strong! I am afraid we have a soccer player on our hands. LOL! He doesn't move too much, but when he does, I usually jump because of the force he puts behind his movements. Lillyan moved a lot... she was like a hamster on a wheel (all movement, all the time) but this little man is just so strong when he moves... it's a little humorous. I kinda looks like I have turrets or something. My kids laugh at me. Lilly has been known to tap me on the shoulder and say, "You're okay mommy, you're okay." She's a hoot!

So the Dr. at my last appt. said that she could induce me as early as August 23rd. This made me pretty happy. Since Lillyan was induced, and it's what I know and what I am familiar with, I was pumped to hear that my Dr. is willing to do it again. Of course I have to state the fact that NOTHING about this pregnancy has gone "my way" so I am not 100% banking on this induction business. I know God gets to be in control of this and not Kara, but I can still hope and dream. :)

My sweet friends here at High Plains are throwing us a baby shower. It's July 18th and I am super excited to see all of my friends. It's always a cool thing to have all of your worlds meet. My old church friends, my new church friends, my old work friends and my new work friends... all in the same house! I only wish my family could come. Luke's Grandma and Aunts may be able to be there, but my sister and mom won't get to be there. That makes me a little bummed... but I am sure the day will be filed with so many good memories that I will hardly notice their absence. It will be neat to see what blessings our son will get that day! Luke and I are so glad we got gender neutral stuff the first go around so that we don't have to register for so much stuff this time! Our packn'play, car seat, stroller and swing are all still in great shape! Our sweet friends gave us their crib to use for baby boy, and we already have it set up in our room. Lilly took a nap in it! LOL! She was excited to sleep in "baby Brother's bed."

Well... I hope to be "on top of it" enough to put a picture up every week until baby comes. We shall see..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

PICTURES... it's been awhile.

Lilly wearing a tank top that belongs to Pre'sious as a "pretty dress." Is it just me, or does it look like she's trying to swagger down a runway? Hahahahaha!
These are in reverse order (I hate that blogger does that) but here she is giving me a present.
Here she is bringing me my present.
And here she is picking my present. Sweet girl.
She had a small phase where she WOULD NOT take off her "pretty dress." Not even to sleep at night. Praise the Lord the fights over the tu-tu are gone! She cracks us up!
I must have forgotten to rotate the pictures, sorry. Here she is on Daddy's shoulder enjoying an Accapella concert. She did great!
Here is some more of our Portland trip. On this day we went to Seaside and her and Nan have a knack for finding carousel's. They are big buds!
These two pictures are proof that it is hard to get 2 two year olds to sit still while they are together. When I was in Washington, I got to have lunch with a great high school friend. Lillyan and Lilliana (sp?) had a great time playing together and Vanessa and I enjoyed lunch!
Two classic faces! This picture really tells the story about their personalities! LOL!
Lilly chilln' with the baby polar bears at the Oregon Zoo.
The only horseback riding this prego lady can stand.
Oh, how she loves this umbrella! It's the best present EVER! Thanks Nan!!
Still learning how to use it!
Yes, that is a swimsuit with a tu-tu over it, thank you! And Yes, she loves her sparkle bear!
It's just too funny... I had to post another picture! Oh.... she makes me giggle!